Pro-Driver: Technical Handbook

Technical Handbook for professional truck drivers

Pro Driver: Technical Handbook is the definitive technical handbook for truck drivers. Pro-Driver is packed with essential information designed to explain professional driving techniques that will increase productivity and profitability for truck drivers and trucking companies. This guide contains up-to-date information about current model equipment and features easy to read content with clear, realistic, illustrated diagrams 

How a Diesel engine works

Some key features of the book;

  • The back page, conveniently contains a list of all the operating temperatures and pressures with four of the main gauges that show where each gauge’s needle should be when the truck is at normal operating temperature.
  • Quick Reference section where the driver can fill in the VIN, engine number, filters and belt numbers along with other details and service parts that required to maintain their truck.
  • Vehicle Pre-start Checklist that can be photocopied and used by drivers if they don’t already have one to document their daily pre-start check, all laid out in a weekly schedule. 

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Pro Driver Technical Handbook

Book specifications: 

Cover – 4 pages 250gsm Satan finish

Body – 32 pages 128gsm Satin finish

Binding – saddle stapled 

Size – A5 

Technical Handbook for professional truck drivers
Pro Driver Handbook

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